Monday, August 01, 2005

Final preparations are underway for Ian's new CD 'Within...'
This long awaited album includes:
'Orange Dawn', 'T R K s', 'The Great Train Race', 'Spiral Lament', 'Tuberama', 'Within...', 'The Mad Hatter', 'Hypnosis', 'maya', Sunstreams', 'Sunday Morning' & 'Zoom Tube'.
Launched in San Diego at the 2005 NFA International Flute convention. Available from Carolyn Nussbaum and Flute World.
Available in the UK from late October 2005. Available from major flute outlets.

San Diego NFA Convention: Ian's scheduled appearances

Opera Flutastic! - along with William Bennett, Trevor Wye, Denis Bouriakov & Junko Nakamura
Golden Ballroom 5-6.30 Thursday August 11th

Gala concert approx. 9.15 (2nd half of concert 8-10pm) - Atlas Ballroom Thursday August 11th
TRKs - Ian Clarke & Simon Painter (flute & CD)
'maya' - Ian Clarke (based on 'Passage' by Clarke/Hicks/Painter) - 2 flutes& piano *
The Great Train Race - Ian Clarke (solo flute)
'Within...' - Ian Clarke (7 flutes) **
Sunday Morning - arr. Ian Clarke (flute & piano) Clarke/Hicks/Painter
The Mad Hatter - Ian Clarke (flute & piano)
Orange Dawn - Ian Clarke (flute & piano)
Tuberama - Ian Clarke & Simon Painter (flute & CD)

Flute - Ian Clarke
Piano - Junko
* Ian Clarke & Jill Felber
** Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany, William Bennett, Trevor Wye, HitomiFurukawa, Denis Bouriakov, Taka Masuda

Spiral Lament - Wissam Boustany will be performing this at his concert on Friday at 5pm.

Workshop 'Walk Like This!' - 1-2pm Saturday 13th Regency Ballroom
A hands on fun and accessible introduction to extended techniques for all ages and levels using Ian's four part flute choir piece. Bring your flute, stand and have fun.

Ian will also be doing some music & CD signing sessions. Currently these are planned for Friday morning at 10am and Saturday at 2.15. He will be at the Miyazawa stand for a chat at some point. These times have yet to be arranged but will probably be Friday afternoon and some time on Sunday.

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