Saturday, July 23, 2005

'Within...' now available in UK and USA

Within… - Ian Clarke (7 flutes: 4 C flutes, flt & picc, alto, bass) – [all parts advanced, some need Bft]
A unique evocative work with featured moments in all parts. Accessible extended techniques employed to give a powerful and extraordinary voice ….. a new experience!

The first performance in the USA will be at the 2005 NFA International Flute Convention in San Diego with Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany, Hitomi Furukawa, William Bennett, Taka Masuda, Denis Bouriakov and Trevor Wye.

Versions not yet published although under consideration!

Flute & CD version: Although composed for 7 flute players, the first performance of this work was done with an adapted solo flute part and CD. The solo part takes most of the featured parts from the score on flute, piccolo & alto flute (inc. a bass flute solo transposed for alto). It may prove more practical to perform in some situations i.e. where it is difficult to rehearse 7 good flute players or to get hold of a bass flute or possibly for a solo concert.

Solo flute & flute choir version: This would be like the flute & CD version of the work but instead of the CD there would be 6 accompanying parts with one soloist taking the majority of the solo moments. This would reduce some technical challenges for the choir parts whilst allowing one player to be more featured and would, of course, be completely acoustic.

For anybody is interested in this please then perhaps leave a comment or send an email.

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