Friday, June 03, 2005

Zoom Tube

Zoom Tube – Ian Clarke (solo flute) [advanced - – requires open-holes & B foot]

Zoom Tube is a rhythmic blues influenced piece employing a raft of extended techniques to achieve its aims. A stunning addition to the flute repertoire! It has to be heard to be believed. A challenge to learn but fortunately easier than it looks. Since coming into print in 2001 Zoom Tube has regularly been programmed in final year conservatoire and professional recital performances. It is advisable to play something like ‘The Great Train Race’ or some of Robert Dick’s music before Zoom Tube! Having said that there is plenty of explanation so previous experience with extended techniques is not a pre-requisite - just useful!

I played this at my graduation recital in Yale - oh my god what a great piece! The first time I heard it in concert I couldn't believe my ears. The player miraculously ends up sounding a whole array of rhythms almost as if from a percussion section, with a very funky melody. I had to learn it - and highly recommend it!
Yes, I just bought the album and I can see I'll have to work this piece up! Thanks, Ian, for giving us a reason to like extended techniques! Nancy Shinn,
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