Friday, June 03, 2005

The Great Train Race

The Great Train Race - solo flute [advanced – B & C foot versions – open-holes not required]

A highly entertaining extended technique showpiece that sounds like it's title! Subtitled ‘The Flute As You Don’t Usually Hear It!’ it has proved extremely popular with audiences and players alike.
Techniques include; residual/breathy fast tonguing, multiphonics, singing & playing, lip bending, explosive harmonics and an optional circular breathing section. A forward with explanations of the techniques is given along with fingerings in the score for easy reference. The multiphonics used are of the more friendly variety; seven from only four different fingerings. Now listed on the Guildhall’s grade 8 syllabus .

I played this piece as part of my final recital at Liverpool University. It really made people wake up and listen and impressed the examiners (well they smiled)! Thank you for a fantastic piece. It was a challenge but well worth it!
I played this piece for my master's recital at Western Carolina University in North Carolina, and several times at my flute choir's concerts as a change from all flute choir pieces. Audiences love it and it's tons of fun to play--you can really let go! I'm classically trained but I love jumping out of the rut!
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