Monday, September 19, 2005

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Final preparations are underway for Ian's new CD 'Within...'
This long awaited album includes:
'Orange Dawn', 'T R K s', 'The Great Train Race', 'Spiral Lament', 'Tuberama', 'Within...', 'The Mad Hatter', 'Hypnosis', 'maya', Sunstreams', 'Sunday Morning' & 'Zoom Tube'.
Launched in San Diego at the 2005 NFA International Flute convention. Available from Carolyn Nussbaum and Flute World.
Available in the UK from late October 2005. Available from major flute outlets.

San Diego NFA Convention: Ian's scheduled appearances

Opera Flutastic! - along with William Bennett, Trevor Wye, Denis Bouriakov & Junko Nakamura
Golden Ballroom 5-6.30 Thursday August 11th

Gala concert approx. 9.15 (2nd half of concert 8-10pm) - Atlas Ballroom Thursday August 11th
TRKs - Ian Clarke & Simon Painter (flute & CD)
'maya' - Ian Clarke (based on 'Passage' by Clarke/Hicks/Painter) - 2 flutes& piano *
The Great Train Race - Ian Clarke (solo flute)
'Within...' - Ian Clarke (7 flutes) **
Sunday Morning - arr. Ian Clarke (flute & piano) Clarke/Hicks/Painter
The Mad Hatter - Ian Clarke (flute & piano)
Orange Dawn - Ian Clarke (flute & piano)
Tuberama - Ian Clarke & Simon Painter (flute & CD)

Flute - Ian Clarke
Piano - Junko
* Ian Clarke & Jill Felber
** Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany, William Bennett, Trevor Wye, HitomiFurukawa, Denis Bouriakov, Taka Masuda

Spiral Lament - Wissam Boustany will be performing this at his concert on Friday at 5pm.

Workshop 'Walk Like This!' - 1-2pm Saturday 13th Regency Ballroom
A hands on fun and accessible introduction to extended techniques for all ages and levels using Ian's four part flute choir piece. Bring your flute, stand and have fun.

Ian will also be doing some music & CD signing sessions. Currently these are planned for Friday morning at 10am and Saturday at 2.15. He will be at the Miyazawa stand for a chat at some point. These times have yet to be arranged but will probably be Friday afternoon and some time on Sunday.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

T R K s - now available in UK & USA

TRKs – Ian Clarke/Simon Painter (flute and CD backing) – [advanced, requires open holes]
An individual and dramatic piece….sort of, but not, Pink Floyd for flute. A studio track that can be played live with the CD. The track features processed flutes, guitars, samples and drums. The music comes with a CD performance backing track as well a full version. It uses some extended techniques. Pre-publication performances cross three continents.

'Within...' now available in UK and USA

Within… - Ian Clarke (7 flutes: 4 C flutes, flt & picc, alto, bass) – [all parts advanced, some need Bft]
A unique evocative work with featured moments in all parts. Accessible extended techniques employed to give a powerful and extraordinary voice ….. a new experience!

The first performance in the USA will be at the 2005 NFA International Flute Convention in San Diego with Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany, Hitomi Furukawa, William Bennett, Taka Masuda, Denis Bouriakov and Trevor Wye.

Versions not yet published although under consideration!

Flute & CD version: Although composed for 7 flute players, the first performance of this work was done with an adapted solo flute part and CD. The solo part takes most of the featured parts from the score on flute, piccolo & alto flute (inc. a bass flute solo transposed for alto). It may prove more practical to perform in some situations i.e. where it is difficult to rehearse 7 good flute players or to get hold of a bass flute or possibly for a solo concert.

Solo flute & flute choir version: This would be like the flute & CD version of the work but instead of the CD there would be 6 accompanying parts with one soloist taking the majority of the solo moments. This would reduce some technical challenges for the choir parts whilst allowing one player to be more featured and would, of course, be completely acoustic.

For anybody is interested in this please then perhaps leave a comment or send an email.

Sunstreams & Sunday Morning

Sunstreams & Sunday Morning - arr. by Ian Clarke (flt & pn) - Clarke/Painter/Hicks [approx. grade 7]
Two pieces of moderate tempo and difficulty. Sunstreams is of approximately grade 6/7 standard with accessible appeal. Its range is D 1st octave to A third octave. The showy more technical middle section lies under the fingers so is one of those ‘easier than it looks’ passages. No extended techniques are used. ‘Sunday Morning’ is a little more difficult at approximately grade7; grade 8 if the optional 8va is taken since it ventures to 4th octave Db. Timbral trills are employed for which fingerings are shown.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter - Ian Clarke (flute & piano) [advanced]
Normal .. but .......well..... a little mad!!!! Quick and playful throughout ‘The Mad Hatter’ makes extensive use of whole tone, chromatic and diminished scales. No extended techniques, open-holes or B foots are required. The piano part is of moderate difficulty. This piece requires a good conventional technique with clean accurate finger work and a real sense of rhythm and fun.


‘maya’ – (2 flts & pno) [grade 7-8 – standard C foot, open holes preferable] - based on ‘Passage’ by Clarke/Hicks/Painter
A beautifully dreamy and accessible piece using a few note bends. A good double-tonguing workout for each part with both lines sharing the soaring melody. Apart from the expressive use of open holes the parts proceed with alternating arching melodies and bubbling semi-quaver passages.


Hypnosis - flute & piano [grade 8] - based on improvisations with Clarke/Hicks/PainterDreamy and lyrical in style with powerful expressive climaxes to the 1st and 2nd half of the work. Its range is to top C or D (three advanced options increase the level of difficulty). No advanced techniques are used. Like many of Ian’s pieces Hypnosis has been used with great success for auditions, music festivals, A level recitals and degree recitals.

The 2nd edition is now going into print. It has a clearer type face and includes some minor additions including some new breath markings.

Walk Like This!

Walk Like This’ - flute choir [grade 1-7, all standard C foot and closed hole]
This ensemble piece for concert flutes that is to be played with a sense of fun and attitude!!! It aims to be relatively straightforward to put together and yet contain new challenges for the majority of players. All parts contain easily accessible extended techniques which I appreciate may seem a little formidable at first, even to experienced players. However, they are great fun and, with a little practice, will soon begin to fall into place.
It is written for a range of playing standards which are outlined below. Due to the nature of the piece an advanced player can have fun and a challenge playing parts other than ‘flute 1’. The grade standard is a guide only and based on a relatively short practice period compared to an exam piece.
Part 1 - Grade 6 + range up to top B Part 2 - Grade 4 - 5 with a range up to top G
Part 3 - Grade 2 - 3 range up to top Eb (3rd 8ve) Part 4 - Grade 1 - 2 range from low D to G (2nd 8ve)
This piece was originally commissioned by Flutewise for use on the third Project Flutewise tour.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Spiral Lament

Spiral Lament(flute & piano) –[intermediate+, does not need open-holes or B foot]

It uses techniques unfamiliar to both the intermediate and advanced player providing an approachable and achievable challenge for both. There are exercises to give a simple approach to the attractive and exotic world of quarter-note grace notes featured in the piece. First published in 2004.

Featured in 2004 British Flute Society's International Convention and programmed for the 2005 National Flute Association's convention.

Zoom Tube

Zoom Tube – Ian Clarke (solo flute) [advanced - – requires open-holes & B foot]

Zoom Tube is a rhythmic blues influenced piece employing a raft of extended techniques to achieve its aims. A stunning addition to the flute repertoire! It has to be heard to be believed. A challenge to learn but fortunately easier than it looks. Since coming into print in 2001 Zoom Tube has regularly been programmed in final year conservatoire and professional recital performances. It is advisable to play something like ‘The Great Train Race’ or some of Robert Dick’s music before Zoom Tube! Having said that there is plenty of explanation so previous experience with extended techniques is not a pre-requisite - just useful!

Orange Dawn

Orange Dawn - (flute & piano) [advanced – requires open-holes]

Orange Dawn was originally inspired by the vision of a dawn scene in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. Awakening exotic animal life were envisaged silhouetted against a dramatic rising sun. In the opening and closing sections alternative fingerings are used to help create a mysterious earthy quality to the sound; these are printed above the stave. The middle section the flute simultaneously plays graceful melody over fluid runs. Ideally suited to an open-hole flute due to one or note bends. The piano part is of moderate difficulty with a cadenza section. Originally composed in 1992 and critically acclaimed, Orange Dawn like many of Ian’s pieces is now performed internationally.

The Great Train Race

The Great Train Race - solo flute [advanced – B & C foot versions – open-holes not required]

A highly entertaining extended technique showpiece that sounds like it's title! Subtitled ‘The Flute As You Don’t Usually Hear It!’ it has proved extremely popular with audiences and players alike.
Techniques include; residual/breathy fast tonguing, multiphonics, singing & playing, lip bending, explosive harmonics and an optional circular breathing section. A forward with explanations of the techniques is given along with fingerings in the score for easy reference. The multiphonics used are of the more friendly variety; seven from only four different fingerings. Now listed on the Guildhall’s grade 8 syllabus .

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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